Javanese Lulur:

Javanese Lulur : (Pre Bridal Treatment) (Includes Balinese Massage)

Javanese Lulur Body Exfoliation is a traditional Javanese beauty ritual. The sumptuous body scrub contains turmeric, pandan wangi leaves and temu giring in a rice powder base. The ingredients in this yellow paste are said to purify, exfoliate and stimulate skin cell regeneration.

This luxurious body scrub is believed to be one of nature’s best exfoliating methods. A traditional Javanese health and beauty ritual, it has been used by the ladies of the royal families for centuries. Traditionally, it was used on the brides-to-be of the royal families each day for 40 days prior to the wedding to cleanse, smooth, soften and rejuvenate their skin.
Turmeric is a key ingredient in this Javanese recipe. Lulur is Javanese for “coating the skin”. It is a beauty ritual that leaves the body and mind relaxed and the skin soft and supple. This total beauty treatment involves a light massage, body mask, and fragrant floral bath.
Ingredients: Red Rice + Haldi + Clove +Sandalwood oil + Cinnamon (depending on the skin) + Ginger + Essential Oil
Timings : Open only on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.
Duration : 2 hours
Price: Rs 1500/-  (Package of 5 Javanese Lulur massage sessions will be Rs 6500/-)
Main trained masseur is a male with a female assistant to keep the customer comfortable and safe.
Complete hygiene is maintained with disposable undergarments and spreads.
Clean and vibrant interiors to soothe your senses!
Note: Only by prior appointment