Kutastha believes that every home should practice Yoga and atleast one family member in the house should have the complete knowledge of Yoga. The Kutastha teacher training course, gives deep knowledge of all the asanas practice and their benefits in detail.

Kutastha aims to offer easy-to-understand practical course for you to become teachers. Every home should have a knowledgable Yoga teacher who can inculcate the practice of Yogasanas to the family members. We help you to understand the benefits and help you in training you as a trainer. Our course are loaded with the ancient practical knowledge of Hatha Yoga and help you to practice correctly.

Teacher Training Course fee

Rs 40,000/-
  • The duration of the course: April 3rd to may 20th. (40 Days) (200 Hours)
  • Classes: Mon-Sat (Only Sunday Holiday)
  • Timing: 9:00 Am To 1:30 Pm (Kindly call and Register)
  • Call : 8125511670
  • Course Instructor : Kalimath Adaeva , Harish Veladi
  • Including asanas detoxification meditation teaching pranayama And light on Ayurveda and alternative medicine, YOGA anatomy physiology and Teaching methods for health and wellness.