Yoga for Pregnant Ladies

Yoga is most essential for Pregnant ladies who have no complications. Kindly consult your doctor before you join the Yoga classes. The prenantal and postnatal yogasanas will help the baby and the mother. The meditation aspect of yoga is most beneficial and reduces the stress and anxiety caused due to the extreme hormonal changes.

Pregnancy can be difficult for any woman. So at Kutastha we are organizing pregnancy Yoga for expectant mothers and also post pregnancy Yoga for those who want to bounce back into shape.

Yoga is very beneficial for ladies, during pregnancy. There are a special set of asanas that help women maintain their flexibility, bone strength and also muscle maintenance. Delivery not only becomes less traumatic, it helps in normal delivery so that you recover quickly. To remain physically active during this period is very important, but not all physical activities are helpful. So, at Kutastha Yogalaya we have special asanas for Pregnant ladies which are specific to each trimester. They are divided into 3 different types of classes for 3 different trimesters. There are specific asanas and breathing techniques for each stage. They help in easy delivery and the better development of the baby.